Heat On Fill Via a Water Truck Add on for Heat System

Heat On Fill Via a Water Truck Add on for Heat System


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This is an Add on Required for the heat on fill system if you are having your Dunk Tank filled by a
Water Truck or some other method rather than a regular garden hose and tap.

Heat on Fill for the Easy Dunker Dunk Tanks. $95.00.

A regular male hose end is required for this set up.
The typical threaded end that one would find on their residential garden hose that a nozzle or sprinkler would be threaded onto.
This connection is required. 
This system also has requires a 110 volt circuit, It is a Minimal requirement for the digital control.

If your tank will be filled by a water truck,you can still have it heated.
You must advise that it will be filled via truck, not a typically garden hose.
This Set Up is required in addition to the Heat on Fill System.

 With water tempuratures in Calgary taking until mid August to climb above 50 f / 9 c, let's  face it a dunk tank can be a pretty cold sell.  Especially when the air tempurature is COLD.
 Falling into cold water on a HOT day is fun and refreshing, but  with Tubby's Heat on Fill Systems, you can be prepared.
 Book with Tubby's for that extra level of service.

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