Propane Heated Portable Rental Hot Tub5/ 6 Person THT

Propane Heated Backyard 5/6 Person Tub Starting at $400.00

    • Actual Size: 8' x7.5"
    • Setup Area: 8' x 12'

    • Please call or email to reserve this item.

                                        This style of tub is heated by a propane-fired pool heater,                                                                                                      They Heat Quickly and STAY HOT.                                                           

   Great for Single Day Events.

This is day to day rental not specifically a 24-hour rental.

Dropped one day picked up the next day or for the weekend/week, etc.

                                                         This picture is of one of our tubs during the 30 below cold snap.                                                           
Running and maintaining 104f, A hot tub, not warm bath with friends

                                                                                                 Email for detail pricing.

 Include the date require, location/neighborhood, size of tub 

Portable Back yard tubs are hard shell tubs with molded seats at or near the bottom of the tub

They come off the trailer and sit right on the ground.

                         They are relatively easy to move, insofar as they can go through a 36" / 3 foot, 0.9-meter wide                                gate without anything overhead to 96"/8 feet/ 2.4 meters.

Portable requires the following access or can be placed into a garage

Typically they are set on a flat surface, the same level that the support equipment can be placed on.

They take up a space approx 84" x 95 ".

Six feet off one side is the support equipment that requires approximately 4' x 5' plus a spot for a propane tank.

From you, we require electricity for the pump/jets 110 volt 15 amp circuit and water.

This type of tub is heated by a propane-fired pool heater.

This means that in colder temperatures the tub can be controlled and maintained.

The cost of heating the tubs is included in the price and not seen on your utility bill 

Day rate Mid week starting at $ 400.00

Friday, Saturday or Sunday $ 450.00

Week end rate Thursday/Friday to Monday $575.00Weekly rate $700.00

This includes standard delivery, via a hard pack pathway. 

No stairs, No loose gravel / substrate, changes of elevation.

Addition charges will apply for anything other than a standard delivery.

 These rates are for in-town bookings.

Email for out of town rates

Include location and dates required

                             Each additional week comes complete with an additional Propane tank, filter, and replenished chemical kit.                                                                                          Additional week as per quote                                                                                 Water change if required starting at $200.00.

                                                                                          Ideal for backyards, these tubs are quite portable.

As with most rental Hot Tubs these tubs are turned on their side for delivery.

                                               The 6 person tub requires an access point of at least 3’ or 90 cm in width and a pathway of at least the same width.                                                          Overhead access must be at least 88” or 2.2 meters.

                      We have tubs that can be delivered via Doorways, Narrow Access points. 

                                                                                                                  Contact the office for details.





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