popcorn popper instructions

PopCorn Popper Instructions

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PopCorn Popper

  1. Un wrap machine. Place on a sturdy, stable surface. As close as possible to an electrical receptacle. The Cord on the machine is the Maximum length of length of cord / Extension cord                          ( 15’ , 4.5 meters ) that the machine is designed for. If, you are cannot place the machine with in this distance allowing for the cord to be ran safely. We may be able to supply an addition Extension cord. Calculate the distance from the plug in to the location for the machine. There is an addition charge for an extension cord. No other extension cords except those provided by Tubby’s may be used.
  1. Check area for smoke or heat detectors. Popcorn popper may smoke if not attended and may set off an alarm.    
  1. There are 3 controls for the machine. One for heat on the kettle, one for the mixer and one for the heat lamp. The lamp only needs to be on if you are holding popcorn in the machine. Give the kettle a minute or two to warm up. Do not leave the popper unattended while making popcorn.
  1. Once the kettle has warmed up put the oil from the” All In One”  package in to the kettle,  if you cut cleanly across this part of the  package the “oil” it will be easier to squeeze it out of the package. Immediately after this put popcorn kernels into the kettle. ENSURE THAT THE LID IS IN PLACE WHILE MAKING POPCORN TO AVOID MAKING A MESS. IF YOU POP WITH THE LID UP /OFF YOU WILL HAVE A LOW YEILD OF POP CORN.
  1. Throw the empty package into the trash to avoid the oil leaking and making a mess.
  2. You must remain at the machine while making popcorn.  The kernels will start to pop. Once the popping has     

slowed to a pop, pop,   3-5 seconds apart it is time to empty the kettle. You are trying to empty the kettle when most of the kernels have popped, but before any have burned

Repeat the process for each batch of popcorn.

  1. OR turn the kettle & mixer off if you are finished.
  2.  Do not leave the machine unattended while making popcorn or with the kettle on.
  1. After the kettle has cooled, the machine/ popper must be emptied, including the drawer for kernels. Wiped clean including the inside of the glass. This must be done to avoid additional cleaning charges.


We recommend, adding only a small amount to a batch, not the entire contents.

Season to taste.      1 batch of salt to 2 or 3 batches of corn.

If you require assistance call 403- 284-3622 cell 403 -651-1019

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