Spin Art Supplies-50

Spin Art Supplies-50, Includes, Paint, cards & glitter

    • Actual Size: 3' x 2'
    • Setup Area: 6' x 6'
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: Adults, teens, kids with supervision
    • Attendants: 1

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This is supplies only.
Includes 50 Cards, Paint & Glitter
Spin art is an art form that primarily uses paint, a canvas and a spinning platform.
It is primarily used to entertain and expose 
children to the process of art creation, although it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
To create spin art, an artist initially decorates or drips paint onto a canvas.
The canvas can be anything; however, the most common form of canvas is a small rectangular piece of 
Before the paint on the canvas dries, the artist secures the canvas to a platform that can be rotated at high speed.
Once the canvas is secure, the artist can then begin spinning the canvas. 
As the canvas rotates, centrifugal forces draw the wet paint outwards, creating intricate designs.
The artist can drip more paint onto the canvas while it is spinning, thus layering paints on top of each other, creating different effects.
Using different colors, a skilled spin artist can blend colors together into subtle designs.
At any point during this process, the artist can stop the spinning platform to view the canvas.
Since the canvas is usually rotating at a high rate, it is difficult if not impossible to view the image on the canvas
until the platform has stopped spinning, thus creating a sense of surprise and uncertainty during the creation process.

This event package is for the Spin Art machine, supplies are required to be purchased separately.
Does require an adult to supervise, and 110 volt power.
It is suggested that a hard surface area be used for set up instead of a carperted area.
Be aware, access may need to be restricted for some adults.
As they will want to take over due to Fond Memories from their own childhood come flooding back.

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